Grievance Redressal Policy


Customer focus is the central focus of our company “Dinero Payment Services Private Limited”, working under the brand name Cashlesso. We strictly follow a holistic approach in order to set our service measures to an exemplary standard, measures that are easy to understand and execute, yet are fast tracked and result oriented across a variety of issues. The measures in place have been devised based on the RBI’s guidelines, Industry best practices and counsel from our consultants to be both, Customer and Resolution Oriented.

We provide a user friendly interface that quickly takes all relevant information and details that enables our Customer Service Team’s to ensure prompt and effective management of the grievance filed and subsequently initiate corrective and preventive action to avoid any recurrence. In order to meet our stated objectives, we have outlined this board approved policy (framework) for redressal of customer grievances. We warrant that this policy shall be kept updated at all times and made available in its public domain for easy access.

We shall:

1. Establish a clear Complaint handling process to all complainants.
2. Render unrestricted and fair access to our Grievance Redressal Policy to all users.
3. Provide efficient and responsive complaint management system.
4. Maintain strict confidentiality in managing complaints.
5. Provide clear accountability for complaint handling.
6. Adhere to all relevant regulatory and statutory directives as issued by the RBI.
7. Manage discrepancies in the process and continually improve them to ensure maximum customer support and grievance redressal.

We take utmost care and concern to manage and resolve all complaints/concerns brought to our attention by our merchants and their customers. Our policy of Grievance Redressal clearly defines and differentiates complaints from queries as:

A complaint is generally defined as “An expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization, related to its products and services, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected”

A query is a question, often expressing doubt about something or looking
for an answer/clarification from an authority. A query is:
• A form of questioning, in a line of enquiry
• In nature of a request for information or guidance
• Where there is an expectation from the customer – for data / clarification.

At Cashlesso we understand that there may be some customer grievances between the assured service levels and the ones delivered to you because of a variety of unforeseen circumstances such as communication problems, technical glitches, internet disruption, etc. Our valued customers and merchants are welcome to share their feedback/complaints for a quick and fair resolution.

General Issues/Complaints

For Customer:
• Refund issues
• Transaction related issues
• General Queries

For Merchants:
• Chargeback related issues
• Transaction related queries and issues
• Refund related explanations/issues
• Payment options activation/deactivation requests
• Settlement/Reports related
• Integration/Tech related issues and queries
• On-Boarding related issues and queries

If incase the customers/merchants are not content with the services rendered by us via email and calling our customer support staff on 

If incase an issue/complaint is not resolved within the given time or the resolution provided is not satisfactory, issue/complaint may be escalated in our structured escalation matrix to addressing the concern. Whilst we reasonably believe our customer care team is efficient and committed to resolving the issue/complaint at the very onset, we have put in place this structured escalation matrix to ensure all issues/complaints are addressed in the most professional and timely manner.

Registering & Escalating Issues/Complaints

In case the customer does not receive a response within the specified time at Level 1 or if the customer is dissatisfied with the response received, the customer may escalate the complaint to the next level as indicated below:

Level Level Name Contact Detail Acknowledgment Resolution TAT
Level 1 Customer Care; +91-9990943000 24 Hours 3 Business Days
Level 2 Manager Operations 48 Hours 7 Business Days
Level 3 Nodal & Legal Officer 48 Hours 21 Business Days

Team Sensitization

It is our most sincere endeavor to ensure that customer queries and grievances are handled in an appropriate and satisfactory manner and for this our customer handling teams undergo regular training’s to improve their resolution times and responses while ensuring customers do not face the same issues again building confidence and trust amongst the customers.