Getting Started


Certain basics you must know about Cashlesso!

Welcome to the world of Online Payment Gateway. This guide will help you to smartly create an account and assess the products best suitable for your niche.

The Process of Signing Up

Follow the steps to speedily get started with the Cashlesso Account. 

  1. Go to the Cashlesso website and click on the Sign-Up.  
  2. Fill the form and then submit the details.
  3. Instantly Cashlesso will send a verification mail to the registered email Id.
  4. Click on the verification link in the mail for account activation. 


*Congratulations! You have successfully created a Cashlesso account.

The Process of Signing In

Follow these steps to sign in to your Cashlesso Account.

  1. Visit the Dashboard.
  2. Click on Sign In.
  3. Enter the credentials given at the time of Sign Up.


*Congratulations! You have successfully logged in to your Cashlesso Account.


  1. Every account is set on Live mode by default.
  2. To explore the Cashlesso products, click on the Test mode.


*Test mode is a sandbox mode, made available for your exploration purpose. Use test cards for simulation as well as for test payments.  

The Process of Accepting Payments

  1. Use Cashlesso Payment Gateway
  2. Use Cashlesso’s other products.

The Completion

  1. Verify all documents and complete the process of KYC.
  2. Get started with your settlements.

The Cashlesso Payment Gateway

Pre-requisite: Website/Ecommerce Platform

With Cashlesso Payment Gateway, you can easily integrate an e-commerce platform or website for simple Checkout solutions.


Web Integration

Standard Checkout Integration


Custom Checkout Integration

Mobile Integration

Android Standard Checkout Integration


Android Custom Checkout Integration


iOS Standard Checkout Integration


iOS Custom Checkout Integration


Cordova SDK Integration


React Native SDK Integration


Flutter SDK Integration

Ecommerce Plugins

Arastta Integration


CS-Cart Integration


Easy Digital Download Integration


Magento Integration


OpenCart Integration


PrestaShop Integration


WHMCS Integration


Wix Integration


WooCommerce Integration


WordPress Integration

Server Integrations (Languages)

PHP Integration


Ruby Integration


Python Integration


NodeJS Integration


.NET Integration


Java Integration

Other Payment Products

Cashlesso enables you to accept payments using other products too. For more details on our products, click on the links below.


Product NameDescription
InvoicesCreate, send and get paid on GST invoices.
Payment LinksReceive money by creating and sending links
Payment PagesGet paid with personalized pages.
Smart CollectGet generating and sharing virtual accounts
Subscription via LinksReceive recurring subscription payments

Make Payments

Make payments to your employees, vendors and other stakeholders using Cashlesso Payment products. Cashlesso permits hassle-free transactions. To know more, click links below.


Payout Method



Make vendor payouts by splitting your payments


Make vendor payments

Payment Flow

Here is a clear demonstration of the Cashlesso payment flow:

Create an Order#

Order creation begins with selection of an item on your app or website by your customer. Post this, the order is shared on your server.

With each order sent to your server, a simultaneous ID is created in Cashlesso’s servers.

For more details on  the order creation process, refer to our Orders Documentation.

Receive Payment Details

At the client’s end, the customer begins by selecting an apt method for payment and clicks on ‘Pay’ button for payment completion. Once the transaction is complete, the details are sent to your server. 

If integrated with Cashlesso, the payment details entered by the customer in the ‘Checkout’ section will be first shared on the Cashlesso. Once the details are stored as tokens by Cashlesso, they are sent to your servers for further use.

For picking the right kind of integration method, you need to scan through our integration list. If you do not have an online presence in the form of an application or a website, you may select any of our products for securely accepting payments from customers.

Payment Authentication

Once collected, the payment details are then sent to your associated bank. For authorisation, an authentication request is also sent to the customer’s associated bank by Cashlesso.

Only after proper authentication, Cashlesso is authorised to deducted any amount from the customer’s attached bank account. Before the transaction is settled to your account, the transaction amount is retained by Cashlesso.

Deferred Authorization

In case the transaction is interrupted by external factors such as technical errors or network issues, the amount is not debited from the customer’s bank account. For further information on Deferred Authorisation, refer to this document.

Capture Payments

Once the payment is made, you need to verify the amount deducted from the the customer’s bank account with the amount entered on the ‘Checkout’ form. Once validated, the transaction amount will be settled in your bank account.

Note: If the authorised amount is not followed by a capture within 5 days, the transaction is regarded as null and void. Post this, refund is initiated automatically.

Standard Capture

In case of standard capture, the transaction amount is automatically deducted from the customer’s bank account by Cashlesso. Once you initiate a capture request in this scenario, the transaction amount is credited into your account. You can do so using the Capture API or from the dashboard.

Note: Standard capture is payment authorisation followed by delayed capture.

Auto Capture

Once ‘Auto Capture’ is authorised, ‘Immediate’ capture of the transaction happens. This allows automatic capturing of payments with the authorisation period and allows you to save your time for processing an order. 

Note: For ‘Auto Capture’, implementation of Order API is mandatory.

Payment Credit

Once the amount is successfully captured, it is credited into your account as per your settlement schedule. To know more, check settlements.

Refund Initiation

Customers may request a refund even when the amount is credited into your account. In such a scenario, you may initiate a refund. Refunds can be initiated using the Refund API as well as from the Dashboard.