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Accept all payment methods (credit cards, invoices, wallets, and other payments)

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Why use Cashlesso?

  • Huge Payment Success rate
    Multiple payment options, Auto Payment options available
  • Fraud and risk prevention
    Keep your transactions safe and secure at all times
  • Multilingual support
    Get the payment system integrated in your local regional languages
  • Fast Checkout
    Follow our easy checkout process
  • Analytics integrated
    Get good business insight with real time reporting via out built-in payment analytics

Product Features

Integrate our state-of-the-art payment system in your website and facilitate easy transaction options for your customers.

Highest Payment success rate

Say good bye to transaction bounces & failures. Integrate our fool-proof payment systems to get the best results.

Multiple Payment modes

Choose the best method suited from the wide range of payment options integrated in our system.

International Payment options

Transact across the globe in a safe and secure environment. Transact internationally from day one.

Best Customer Support

Reach us 24/7 through call, email or chat in case of any necessity. We are there with you at all times.

Data security

Unreachable data security offered for all financial transactions. Robust systems deployed to prevent unauthorized transactions.

Smart Analytics

Live Transaction report. Keep track of all the transactions & gain new new insights by comparing monthly transactions.

Mobile App Integration

Mobile App integration available for both Android and iOS devices.

Low Pricing

Our innovative system available at a low cost gives you real value for the money

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Cashlesso builds the most reliable and flexible payment gateways for your businesses. Whether you’re creating an e-commerce site, a subscription based service or on demand service, our meticulously designed robust software will integrate seamless into your platform. Hundreds of companies have acquired our service and are scaling their business up by several notches. Set up with a team of security experts, we aspire for the highest safety standards. Our system provides the widest range of payment options; Cards (Visa, Master, Maestro, RuPay, and Amex), Netbanking from all major banks, All popular payment wallets. Manage all the major details from a single platform. Advance your business with Cashlesso.